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Wacom Intuos pen & touch CTH-480/s - trouble installing on Mac

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Wacom Intuos pen & touch CTH-480/s - trouble installing on Mac

Postby IndiaHawker » Thu 8. Mar 2018, 19:14

Hi, I recently bought a secondhand good condition Intuos pen & touch CTH-480/s. The seller rating was 100% and tablet appears great so I'm very much guessing the problem here is on my end.

Worth mentioning that when I opened the package earlier today, as soon as I cut into it and saw the wire, I realised I had cut through the wire. Was totally gutted considering how long it's been since I've used a drawing tablet and how much I've been looking forward to this. Bought a new cable which fits. I was a little worried it still wouldn't work, but as the tablet is lighting up like it's on, and the light is reacting to the pen, I'm guessing the wire is working.

I've gone onto their site and downloaded the driver. Gone through the driver setup, installed successfully. Now what? Tried restarting laptop, but tablet isn't reacting to pen or touch input other than the right-hand light glowing blue when I try to use the pen. Have I missed something? Could it be the wrong driver? Does anyone have a direct link to the download of the exact driver I need so I know I'm not going wrong there? What else could it be? I'm kind of new to setting hardware up on Mac, plus haven't installed/used a drawing tablet in years so it could be something really simple (hopefully).

I'm using a 2011 MacBook Pro.

Any help or advice, especially soon if possible, would be greatly appreciated. So frustrating having my beautiful new used Intuos next to me and not being able to draw!

Please and thank you :)

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Re: Wacom Intuos pen & touch CTH-480/s - trouble installing on Mac

Postby wacom1 » Fri 9. Mar 2018, 09:59

You should be using driver 6.3.28 for this - if you are already using the 6.3.29, that we had on the download page for a few days, restart the Mac and make sure that the option “Reopen windows when logging back in” is disabled. - Independant of driver version you can also go to applications -> wacom tablet -> tablet preference utility and 'remove' the settings. This restarts the driver and should work if the tablet is ok.

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