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Cintiq Pro 24 - Fan Speed:
A firmware update was released that should allow you to adjust the fan speed. Please see: here

Windows 10 Fall 2018 Update:
Updating to the newest Windows 10 Fall update? Wacom has identified a few issues within the latest update. Pan/Scroll is not working correctly in some applications. Also, Modifier Clicks do not work when assigned to pen buttons or ExpressKeys, see the screenshot below. The Wacom driver team has submitted a bug report with Microsoft for these issues and will continue to work with them until it is fixed. More information can be found here: here

Mac OS 10.14 Mojave:
Upgrading to Mac OS 10.14 Mojave? A new Mac OSX security feature requires some additional changes to run the Wacom Driver correctly. Please see the instructions found on our support page here. Also, If you have any issues, please try a clean driver install. Follow the steps here.

Wacom Drivers:
December 2018: New driver released for Windows (6.3.32-3) and Mac (6.3.32-3). Download drivers and release notes here: http://www.wacom.com/support/product-support/drivers

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Google Chrome Why is Google Chrome not accepting clicks or is lagging?

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Issue with charging

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Issue with charging

Postby aikerstudio » Sun 1. Apr 2018, 14:54

i've purchased a brand new wacom intuos pro M 2017 first time i run it. it doesn't want to start until i connect it to an ac power adapter, it doesn't charge while i plug it to computer USB. and when i plug it to USB it disconnect from the computer not responding and even not charging now i tried to register the product id it gives me "No products found. Please contact support." the problem is that it is NEW never opened before.
Please help

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Re: Issue with charging

Postby wacom1 » Mon 2. Apr 2018, 11:03

The Intuos Pro M doesn't need any charging unless you want to use it in wireless mode. You should first connect it by cable, install the driver and make sure that is fine and working. Once cable mode is all ok, you can try the wireless connection. And only then do need to switch it on.

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