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Express View won't disable

Posted: Tue 3. Apr 2018, 09:34
by Jimjansen

I own a Wacom Intuous Pro Medium (PTH-651) and the express view won't stay disabled. It's deselected in the preferences, as is are the Touch Ring settings. It's quite annoying as I often touch the buttons with my arm and show the express view constantly and it blocks a fourth of my screen.

When I have the preferences open it does keep it disabled. But when the window is closed it seems to forget the preferences, same as when I restart my Macbook. I have a 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina, mid 2012, Sierra 10.12.2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Express View won't disable

Posted: Mon 19. Nov 2018, 10:14
by Gloria3D
After years looking for a solution to this issue, today I finally did.
When unchecking the Express View, you need to do it for every application that the tablet has detected so far. In the Wacom Properties box, you can see on the top of it that there is an APPLICATIONS line. When you are unchecking the Express View, you are doing it onky for the selected one. But if you don't change this for every application, it will come up again when swipping from Photoshop to Illustrator, for example.
I hope my English was good enough to explain this properly.

Good look.