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Graphire double click / connection issues

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Graphire double click / connection issues

Postby fireflydrake » Tue 3. Apr 2018, 16:15

Hey everyone;

I have an old (10+ years) Graphire CTE-630BT tablet. The drawing part of it still works fine, but after not having used it for a year I'm noticing some issues on picking it up again.

The first (although admittedly this has long been an issue) is that the bluetooth is very hit-or-miss; usually when I first turn on my computer the tablet won't pick up having a connection with my laptop, so I have to remove the tablet from my bluetooth devices and reinstall to get it going again. Any way around this--or is there any sort of wired USB connector I could get for it?

Second problem is multi-fold, and again something I hadn't had before. First was that stupid white circles would appear whenever I kept the pen down too long; after several hours of failed attempts to fix it, THAT has finally stopped. But the other issue is that every time I tap something, it double clicks. This is very annoying when trying to make new layers in SAI. I messed around with the speed of double tap settings and made sure the one tap = one click was set, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

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Re: Graphire double click / connection issues

Postby wacom1 » Wed 4. Apr 2018, 05:32

For the ripple/circle effects go to tablet properties mapping and turn off 'use Wacom Ink'. Best is to reset the driver first, then change the Windows Ink option. That may also help for doubleclicks.

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