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Intuos Pro wireless broken since driver 6.3.17

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Intuos Pro wireless broken since driver 6.3.17

Postby londoncalling » Sun 8. Jan 2017, 00:07

Hi all,

I have an Intuos Pro medium which I always use wireless. Up to driver 6.3.17-3 the wireless would work fine most of the time. With every driver release since, when in wireless mode, the cursor frequently freezes for a few seconds, then jumps back to the pen position, mostly when lifting the pen off the tablet. This can happen several times a minute, making wireless unusable.

I'm on a Windows 10 laptop with i7 CPU and 16 GB RAM. The issue is not related to processor or memory usage.

These topics, I believe, are about the same issue:

https://www.reddit.com/r/wacom/comments ... less_mode/
https://www.reddit.com/r/wacom/comments ... w_strokes/

My fix has been uninstalling the newer drivers and going back to 6.3.17. However, if the issue is not eventually fixed, I, and everyone else with this issue, will be cut off from future driver updates. I'd like to keep my drivers up to date, because I hope they will eventually fix the other problems I have with my tablet (random disconnections, touch is slow to respond when switching from pen to fingers on-the-fly).

Does anybody know what could cause the issue?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Intuos Pro wireless broken since driver 6.3.17

Postby Shogun1111 » Thu 19. Jan 2017, 18:43

For company with such high priced products you would expect that the support and drivers would be on that "price" level. But time and time again Wacom proved that they have worst drivers and support.

I really can't figure out how can you release such buggy drivers every time that makes your product unusable. The one thing i learned from Wacom is when they finally release driver that actually works ( it takes long time ), DON'T change it no matter what.

I have INTOUS Pro Medium tablet and first 2-3 months i could not use the tablet because of the awful drivers. The last driver that is working ok with my expensive Intous pro is 6.3.15-3!!

Few days ago i switched to new computer and new platform :

OS : Windows 10
MBO : MSI Gaming Pro Carbon
CPU : Kaby Lake I7 7700k

I've try to install last 3 drivers 6.3.18,19 and 20. and in all of them the wireless function is broken. Tablet freezes all the time and then stops working after few minutes. Pressure sensitivity is on-off in photoshop if it works longer than 30 seconds. USB receiver is not compatible with new USB 3.1 and stops working.

I've tried everything...re-installing multiple times, change USB ports but nothing worked. The only solution i found is that i connected USB receiver in old USB 3.0 port and installing old 6.3.15-3 drivers that make wireless function usable.

When are you planing...if you are ever planing....release drivers that actually work and that are checked before they are released ?
Why do you release broken and buggy drivers for your expensive product that makes them unusable ?
How can wireless feature be broken in 3 series of drivers and not working?
Why does it take so long to finally have one normal driver that works?

Thank you for your answers in advance.

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Re: Intuos Pro wireless broken since driver 6.3.17

Postby Griebeek » Fri 20. Jan 2017, 16:48

I had the same issue for quite some time. It seems to be resolved with the last driver. Just make sure to remove the old driver first
- http://cdn.wacom.com/u/productsupport/d ... 3.20-5.exe

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Re: Intuos Pro wireless broken since driver 6.3.17

Postby Shogun1111 » Mon 23. Jan 2017, 08:06

The newest driver chashes in 10 seconods and Loses contact with the tablet after you turn on the wireless function.It's not working..
I wonder why there is not a single response from Wacom.

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Re: Intuos Pro wireless broken since driver 6.3.17

Postby gOzaru » Thu 25. Jan 2018, 09:30

I have same problem with you.
Up until now, my wireless wacom cannot be in active more than 5 seconds.
Once I click the On button, the wireless icon appear in Taskbar.
But not long after that, it disconnect my Wacom.
WACOM, I promise you if this bug never get fixed; I will never buy any of your wacom device in the future.
Remember my promise.
I really hate this bug.

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Re: Intuos Pro wireless broken since driver 6.3.17

Postby wacom1 » Thu 25. Jan 2018, 12:39

There is no such driver bug since the 6.3.20 driver version. Last post for this topic is more than a year old. - If you see a wireless connection lost, attach the USB dongle to another USB port, if possible USB2, checking the power saving setting for this port - and make sure the is no interference from other wireless connections. If you are on a Mac, attach the USB dongle through a USB extension cable and move the dongle away from the Mac. Especially USB3 ports and cables can send interfering signals on the same frequency (2.4GHz) used by the wireless kit and Wifi.

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