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Is there a non-tracking function?

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Is there a non-tracking function?

Postby happyanus » Fri 11. May 2018, 08:24

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After 15 years of using a mouse to draw animated and illustrated characters for my work, I decided to get a Wacom tablet because every artist I've hired in the last decade uses one. I expected a learning curve, and for the most part it's been fun to use and of course the benefit of pressure and tilt is great for brushstrokes. However....

For me, because I have so much experience with a mouse, I'm finding the tracking on the tablet a real nuisance. I mean the fact that a point on the tablet corresponds exactly to a point on the screen. I would much rather have it work like a mouse, where I can pick up the pen and the cursor stays where it is, and then I can put the pen down again on a different spot on the tablet and the cursor will continue where it was left on the screen.

Is this possible? Or... is there another tablet that can be set to work this way?


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Re: Is there a non-tracking function?

Postby wacom1 » Fri 11. May 2018, 11:28

You can make the pen work in this way, when activating 'mouse mode' in the tablet properties under 'mapping/projection'.

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Re: Is there a non-tracking function?

Postby happyanus » Fri 11. May 2018, 14:05

Thank you! That's made everything perfect!

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