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Issue with wireless kit constantly disconnecting

Posted: Sat 12. May 2018, 09:46
by milkindustries
I have an Intuos 5 with a wireless kit which I have used for a number of years without problem, but for a while now, I haven't been able to use the wireless kit as, as soon as it connects to my laptop, it disconnects. Sometimes it might stay connected for 30 seconds or so, others it will not even be for a few seconds.

The battery indicator shows that it is fully charged, but as I have been using this for sometime now, I am guessing the battery might not be holding charge well anymore. Is there a way to check this, or get just a replacement battery? Or is there something else going on?

Re: Issue with wireless kit constantly disconnecting

Posted: Sun 13. May 2018, 13:43
by wacom1
Disconnecting is more likely caused by some interference from surrounding. If possible attach the wireless USB dongle by extension cable to the computer, so you can move it around and further away from the computer (we see disconnections freuently on Macs with USB3 ports, which can interfere on same 2.4GHz band). Or test on another computer and see if that makes a difference.

Re: Issue with wireless kit constantly disconnecting

Posted: Tue 15. May 2018, 08:02
by milkindustries
Thank you very much for your reply. This happens on 2 different MacBook Pros, a late 2012 one and a mid 2015 one, in exactly the same way.

I have just tried to plug the dongle in a multi USB extension but this hasn't made a difference. In fact, the connection seems to drop even faster. Admittedly, the extension is not that long so maybe it is not far enough from my laptop. It used to work perfectly fine on my 2012 laptop until about a year ago.

Re: Issue with wireless kit constantly disconnecting

Posted: Wed 16. May 2018, 14:23
by Donewith
this happened to me aswell, to the point i could not use wireless kit.
i found the solution:

dont ever buy a wacom product. always go with the alternative.
it actually works.