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Freezing Photoshop when Connected

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Freezing Photoshop when Connected

Postby YunikoYokai » Sun 15. Jul 2018, 15:55

I have been having problems with my Intuos Pro [Medium] for a while;
  • ragged lines when doing brush strokes while zoomed out (mostly fixed with third party software)
  • deciding to splat a maximum pressure brush point/head when I'm doing short brush strokes in quick succession (it's been doing this since I bought it in 2015)
  • the system forgetting my preferences (usually discovered when my cursor runs in the opposite direction to what I expect since I changed my orientation)
  • If I plugged my tablet in after starting Windows, the driver would either crash or not function properly and the Wacom Desktop Centre wouldn't recognise the device, saying I needed to restart the computer (I ended up having to restart the Wacom Professional Service once or twice to get around this problem)
  • and my personal favourite: when something goes wonky (driver or tablet/pen), it opens up hundreds of Adobe Help pages in my browser until I click somewhere with my mouse (like the cursor got stuck somewhere and a sustained hold is a click every few milliseconds).
This is all managable, it's even something I come to expect now after 3 years, but because of the militude of problems, I won't get another Wacom after this. My Graphire4 has never had any problems and it's sad to see how poor the products have been since.

But the above problems pale in comparison to my problem now which is rendering the nigh on useless because it's no longer reliable. Since updating the driver, I'm afraid to turn on my tablet or plug it in. If I have photoshop open and then connect my tablet (wired or wirelessly), after a few seconds, it will freeze photoshop. No menues are interactable and the only way to deal with it is to the use the task manager to delete it. Heck, photoshop can freeze even if the tablet was turned on before opening Photoshop (as I just found out a few minutes ago).

What the heck is wrong with this tablet and/or its software? I've never had any problems with previous Wacom products, yet I decide to fork out for a more expensive one and get all of this instead? The tablet had the previous issue with Windows 7 and now Windows 10 and on multiple machines so it isn't purely a Windows 10 issue.

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