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Photoshop zoom gesture too fast (Intuous Pro M)

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Photoshop zoom gesture too fast (Intuous Pro M)

Postby AndrasLens » Thu 19. Jul 2018, 08:13


I am using Intuos Pro M with up-to-date drivers (6.3.3-6) on Windows ten with Photoshop CC.

Ever since I received my tablet about 4 weeks back the pinch hand gesture used for Zooming is way too fast. No matter how careful or slow I pinch, it zooms in & out crazy fast. When I use the Touch Ring for zoom, that works perfectly.

When I contacted the Wacom customer support weeks ago (on day 1, as I got the table) I received extremely disappointing / poor customer service.

To make the long story short, the gentleman over chat said he "kinda remembered something like this" and "thought it was resolved". Then he sent me an email asking me to reset the Wacom preferences and the Photoshop one. He closed his email by saying "If that doesn't work, please download Sketchbook "... Unbelievably unprofessional to suggest downloading a free program if Photoshop doesn't work.

I understand that this issue was reported and acknowledged and was supposed to have been resolved. Though I still have this problem and resetting Wacom preferences and those in Photoshop did not help. Anyone else has the same issue? For now, I disabled hand gestures as the only thing I would use it for was for zooming.

Thanks for any advice!

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