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3 monitor setup toggle mapping to specific screen?

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3 monitor setup toggle mapping to specific screen?

Postby StefanFeil » Wed 25. Jul 2018, 09:57

Hey guys,

I am working on 3 monitors with an Intuos 4 medium. I want to project the active tablet area proportional to a single screen and toggle between the three. So far so good it works.


Is there a feature to toggle to a specific screen via Express Keys? Now when i want to change from the middle screen to a side half of the time the switch goes to the wrong side screen because of the defined kinear cycling.

Could i set every side screen to a specific express key to have one to toggle to the right and one to toggle to the left?

In general it would be nice to have an option to switch automatically to the screen that is closer to the current mouse position, because in 90% it is the case taht you want to go where your cursor was headed before.

A nice Alternative would be to assign a serparate side display to either side of the circular menu you can pop up via express keys.

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