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Wacom Intuos + Photoshop causing problems, please help!

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Wacom Intuos + Photoshop causing problems, please help!

Postby itaytay29 » Fri 27. Jul 2018, 08:57

Hey all! I'm using a Wacom Intuos tablet and Photoshop cc 2018 and I've been getting a lot of problems recently which annoy the heck out of me.

First of all, my pen begins drawing lines and random dots even if its not even touching the tablet, but just hovering over it. I tried making my pen sensitivity higher in the settings but even when I'm in the highest possible option, my pen still does this sometimes.

Another problem is sometimes I draw a simple line and Photoshop for some reason creates a few dots in the same place as the origin of the line and then a line following them. This becomes very annoying, especially when you try to undo a single line and have to press ctrl+alt+z a million times just to remove one line, because of all the dots it created in the beginning.

Furthermore, whenever my tablet is plugged in and I'm gaming, browsing the internet or even in the program itself, I notice my mouse freaking out once in a while - just clicking randomly, holding m1, or scrolling the wheel, even if my pen is very far from my tablet.

All of these problems make it impossible to enjoy drawing. I haven't found any of them online and unplugging and plugging my tablet back is not helping at all. Has any of you experienced one of these problems in the past? Do you have any idea how to solve them?

Any feedback is appreciated, I really need your help! Thank you very much for reading this and helping me, may you have a wonderful day :3

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Re: Wacom Intuos + Photoshop causing problems, please help!

Postby wacom1 » Fri 27. Jul 2018, 15:46

If the pen is drawing or selecting while not touching the tablet, probably the pens pressure sensor is not ok. Pull out the nib, clean it and push it back in, then test pen pressure in the driver control panel (About -> diagnose). Pressure should be zero or close to zero, as long as the pen is not toching the tablet. Otherwise the pen is faulty and should be replaced. - Contact customer support if the pen is in warranty.

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