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Paint tool Sai Monitor problems

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Paint tool Sai Monitor problems

Postby Amycat2552 » Tue 31. Jul 2018, 16:26

Hey guys,
I just bought a new Wacon Intous 3D Tablet (CTH-690) and installed all the Drivers. Because I have 2 monitors I booted up the Wacom program and changed the settings so only my first Monitor would register as my workspace for the Tablet but still making it avaible to switch around the Monitors with my mouse without changing any setting. Everything works perfectly until I start my Drawingprogram "Paint Tool Sai". The Settings will reset and my Pen will controll both monitors so I can only draw with half of the Tabletscreen.
I had a Intous Draw S before and had the same Problem. Unpluging or turning my second monitor off is no option for me as I want to use other programs whilst drawing.
Also Iam pretty experienced with PTS so changing it is´nt a option either.

I would be glad If you can help me with this problem!

Sincerely Amy

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