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Intuous Pro Pen does not work properly in Wireless Mode

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Intuous Pro Pen does not work properly in Wireless Mode

Postby jangotrick » Wed 1. Aug 2018, 00:35

I have a Intuos Pro PTH 651 and installeed the latest drivers 6.3.30-6 for Windows 8.1. When I connect wirelessly to the Tablet, the pen works only once and then stops working. The touch settings work and all other buttons work. I am facing the exact problem reported by other users in 2016 in the below post.


Secondly, when I touch the pen on the Intuous, Windows Ink does not automatically start. I had to roll back the drivers to cintiq version 6.3.15-3 for windows and then the pen works fine in the wireless mode. Windows Ink still does not work in the power point mode and I have to select draw, then select a pen and draw.

I was hoping that WACOM would have fixed these issues but I guess they are still existent.

Did anyone else had the same issue and did they find a workaround except rolling back drivers to 2015 drivers which is unacceptable.

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