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Mapping in W10 not working.

Posted: Tue 7. Aug 2018, 09:40
by kungen
I've just bought the Intuos Pro M and updated all drivers and firmwares (6.3.30-6).
But I can't get the mapping of the "drawing area" to work.
Under the "Pen settings" and "Mapping"-tab, I've defined the upper left 1/4:th of the area to be used.
But nothing happens?
I still use the 100% of the tablet area.

I saw another issue, where the solution was to tamper with the DPI in Windows.
I tried this, but with no luck.

Anyone experienced this?

Re: Mapping in W10 not working.

Posted: Mon 20. Aug 2018, 12:58
by wacom4
In general this works.
Are you on the latest Windows version and on the latest driver?
Does it change anything when you reset your driver (maybe backup first) and try the same? ( ... 4e5a1ecb42)