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CTL-471 or PTZ-630?

Posted: Sat 18. Aug 2018, 18:53
by nerdsaregreat
If I am getting used Wacom CTL-471 and PTZ-630 and both in almost the same condition and at exactly the same price then which one should I buy when I want to create educational videos?

Re: CTL-471 or PTZ-630?

Posted: Mon 20. Aug 2018, 12:44
by wacom4
Note that both are out of sales already.
Intuos 3 (PTZ-630) is now out of sales since 2009.
One by Wacom (CTL-471) is out of sales since end of 2016 if I remember correctly.

You might not get infinite driver and spare part support for both.

I recommend a small Intuos for this purpose: