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Only Half Pressure Possible

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Only Half Pressure Possible

Postby Gardan » Mon 20. Aug 2018, 07:30

Hey everyone!
Recently I have updated my Windows (18.08.18) and half of my pressure sensitivity is gone! By that I mean I can not create strokes lightly, but only pressing hard as possible. On the max pressure it makes only half of the effect. It’s not Photoshop dependent, since the whole Windows responds the same way!
I tried to reinstall drivers as it stood on Wacom Website - doesn’t help.
I also tried to reverse the latest update, but it’s the critical one and can not be reversed :(((

I can not work like this, so I would be very glad, if somebody here could help me!


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Re: Only Half Pressure Possible

Postby wacom4 » Mon 20. Aug 2018, 12:36

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