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Win 7 configuration for occasional use of my Wacom tablet

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Win 7 configuration for occasional use of my Wacom tablet

Postby JMA92410 » Thu 13. Sep 2018, 10:34

Dear Wacom tablet users,

I only use my Intuos Pro tablet occasionally and I wish to avoid having constantly Wacom processes and services running. I have a Windows 7 computer. Is that possible ?

I have looked for an option where I could disable or deactivate the Wacom tablet but I have found no such option

Ideally, I would like things to work this way : when I need to use my tablet, I launch something which will start all the Wacom processes and services required. When I stop the computer and start it again later on, the tablet is not active any more and if I need to use the tablet again, I redo the same operation.

Thank you for any advice you can provide


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Re: Win 7 configuration for occasional use of my Wacom tablet

Postby wacom5 » Mon 17. Sep 2018, 13:43

It should be possible although I really wouldn't recommend this. The driver service barely consumes any resources when a tablet is being used.

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