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[Intuos Pro Small] Disable the eraser end?

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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[Intuos Pro Small] Disable the eraser end?

Postby stooovie » Tue 10. Jan 2017, 17:38

Is it possible to disable the eraser end?

Right now, when I'm holding the pen while typing, it makes the cursor fly all over the screen (as it moves near the tablet surface as I type), causing all kinds of havoc, switching to other apps or windows and interfering with my work. This is the first time I have a pen with eraser end and this issue is really making this the worst experience with any tablet so far (and I've also had Geniuses!). I won't be putting down the pen every time I write - I use it mainly for video editing/motion design/general OS usage, so that is really not an option.

Can it be disabled at all?

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Re: [Intuos Pro Small] Disable the eraser end?

Postby Griebeek » Wed 18. Jan 2017, 16:39

Open your Wacom tablet properties (in the system preferences for mac, or in the start menu in the Wacom tablet folder for Windows), where you adjust your tablet settings and buttons, find your eraser settings and select the function "disabled" from the functions list.

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Re: [Intuos Pro Small] Disable the eraser end?

Postby tempuserr » Sun 1. Jul 2018, 11:24

Useless advice.
This only disable eraser clicks, not cursor movement.

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Re: [Intuos Pro Small] Disable the eraser end?

Postby WswxtP6xV » Wed 12. Dec 2018, 11:10


Is this still unsolved? Really annoying with Illustrator: in between drawing and moving objects with the tip, I need to type stuff on text fields and as I hold the eraser end close to the tablet, the cursor jumps to random places.

Would it be possible to just wrap the insides of the eraser tip in tin foil or something to make this behaviour go away? The Wacom Settings does NOT disable the eraser tip altogether.

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Re: [Intuos Pro Small] Disable the eraser end?

Postby aemohruora » Mon 16. Sep 2019, 15:21


Intuos Pro M on Mac OS X here.
This issue is still not fixed for the current driver version 6.3.36-2

I have my keyboard between my display and the tablet and I think this is not too unusual for many people.

Every time I switch to the keyboard with the pen in my hand, I have to take care that the eraser end does not get close to the tablet to avoid moving the pointer and loose focus on the keyboard input or do some other harm.

This is extremely annoying!

Wacom, can you please tell us if you are able and interested in solving this problem by giving the option to completely disable the eraser?
This could not be a big deal to implement in the driver.

Many thanks, Norman

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Re: [Intuos Pro Small] Disable the eraser end?

Postby wacom6 » Mon 23. Sep 2019, 11:44


many people choose the pen with eraser, because they want to use it as an eraser.

However, if you don't want it you can purchase a Wacom Pro Pen 3D "https://eu-store.wacom.com/Product/wacom-pro-pen-3d#/". This pen doesn't have an eraser. It offers a 3rd button for additional function settings and it is compatible with the Inuos Pro.

Kind Regards

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