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cth-470 (Mac) It inverts pressure randomly.

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cth-470 (Mac) It inverts pressure randomly.

Postby fallenlegend » Sun 16. Sep 2018, 17:30

Hello everyone! I use a bamboo model on a mac. The cth-470.

Sometimes the tablet works just fine. But it also tends to invert the pressure randomly (it happens with all art programs hence the reason I know it's the tablet). Say pressing hard gives me thin lines when it should give me thicker lines and vice-versa. And then it comes back to normal, so that's another reason I know it's not a setting, but some kind of bug or malfunction.

The sensibility also weakens randomly, and I'm forced to make the pen more sensible in settings. But that's not that big of a problem, I guess.

Randomly it works just fine.

I won't complain as the guarantee expired years ago. But I just want to know if it's a driver issue or if it's a hardware malfunction so I can focus on buying a new tablet , and stop wasting time installing and reinstalling the drivers (becuase yes I have rebooted and reinstalled the drivers dozens of times). Thank you

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Posts: 2
Joined: Sun 16. Sep 2018, 16:14

Re: cth-470 (Mac) It inverts pressure randomly.

Postby fallenlegend » Mon 17. Sep 2018, 18:11

Eh nevermind. I bought the new intuos so yay.

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