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Easy way to migrate shortcuts between apps and tablet models?

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Easy way to migrate shortcuts between apps and tablet models?

Postby Gammakid » Tue 16. Oct 2018, 14:31


Is it possible to assign express key settings to multiple apps at once, or copy them from one app to another? and also, ideally, to make them apply to different sizes/models of tablet?

I have lots of custom express key settings for the apps I use and whenever an app updates to a new version, Wacom preferences sees it as a different app and I need to re-build the settings each time, which is super annoying.

Additionally, I have more than one tablet (different sizes but the same model, depending on what screen configuration i'm working on) and currently express key settings need to be created individually for each tablet, which also seems pointless given that it's only the size which is changing, not the express keys .

I'm hoping there is a quicker way to handle this than just re-building shortcuts each time? Perhaps it's possible to change or copy something in the actual settings file, but I can't see where it is stored (osx)

Any help greatly appreciated,


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Re: Easy way to migrate shortcuts between apps and tablet models?

Postby wacom5 » Tue 16. Oct 2018, 15:03

I'm afraid that is not possible. The only settings that are working always the same way regardless of the device or application being used are the On-Screen Controls. Perhaps something to consider in the future development of the driver. I will forward your feedback to the team.

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