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New Intuos CTH-690 - Is it faulty or is it a known issue (Mac Sierra)

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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New Intuos CTH-690 - Is it faulty or is it a known issue (Mac Sierra)

Postby fropirapec » Thu 12. Jan 2017, 08:25


I just bought a brand new Intuos CTH 690 - Medium, Pen & Touch.

I'm using a Macbook Pro running Sierra 10.12.2

I have installed the latest drivers (6.3.20-4), then tried several older drivers too.


I have an issue when clicking between apps (or even between windows of a single app).

Sometimes a click is just ignored -- i.e. the app I've clicked on doesn't come to the foreground. Sometimes I have to click multiple times (which results in a mistaken double click), or click very slowly. Things like dragging a window around become very difficult.

I can see the click itself is registering fine via "current pressure" in Wacom Tablet System Preferences, but the clicked on window doesn't come to the
foreground consistently.

I cant figure it out. Do I need to return the tablet to the store?

Please help!!!

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Re: New Intuos CTH-690 - Is it faulty or is it a known issue (Mac Sierra)

Postby stooovie » Thu 12. Jan 2017, 09:02

Same here. Like 20-25 % of all tip-clicks are ignored. Older drivers or tinkering with settings doesn't fix this. Wireless or USB doesn't make any difference. Intuos Pro Small on Sierra 10.2.2.

What does make difference is holding the pen perpendicular to the tablet - then most clicks work. Alas, that's now how my hand works and there's no way to disable tilt sensing altogether. I don't know if it's faulty or it's the way it's supposed to work.

EDIT: you're right, it's mostly the window title bars. Most clicks elsewhere register as they should. It's clearly a bug.

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