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Backup Restore settings Wacom Intuos 4100WL

Posted: Tue 13. Nov 2018, 15:05
by marcof73
Hi all, I've bought two Wacom Intuos 4100WL bluetooth, one for my iMac and one for my Macbook. Both are fully updated (Mojave) with latest updates and drivers.
My intent was to set buttons (and other settings) on one Wacom tablet and restore setting in the second one.
Incredibly trying to restore setting on the second one, nothing changes, no settings was restored.
It looked so strange, the Wacom tablet are the same.
Note: I revoved drivers and reinstalled as suggested by Wacom.

Other thing: I can set buttons on Lightroom, but with photoshop (both sully updated latest cc version) I can't set buttons. I can set it only as "all others".

Someone can help me?

Re: Backup Restore settings Wacom Intuos 4100WL

Posted: Wed 14. Nov 2018, 08:54
by wacom5
The settings are bound to the device. If you plug both tablets to the same computer you will see that the driver will detect each individually and not as a single tablet.
This means that if you back up and restore the settings, they will only work if the same exact tablet is being used, even if it is the same model. Unfortunately, you will have to set the settings individually for each tablet.

As for the Photoshop Specific settings, try to add Photoshop manually using the "+" sign on the right area of the Apps panel.
If the issue persists, please confirm the Photoshop version and the Wacom Driver version.

Re: Backup Restore settings Wacom Intuos 4100WL

Posted: Wed 14. Nov 2018, 11:59
by marcof73
Oh thanks, I though I could backup/restore with any talbet...

As regards photoshop, I already tried with "+" and Wacom drivers are the latest. Photoshop il updated to the last update (today the last one, but nothing changes). I read in other forums (maybe abode) that I'm not the only one with this issue.