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Radial Menu

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Radial Menu

Postby TexasStar15 » Fri 13. Jan 2017, 09:19

I've recently purchased a Wacom CTH 480 Pen and Touch Tablet. I'm looking to customise the Radial Menu on my Wacom tablet to be application specific to Photoshop, however when I click onto On Screen Controls to access my radial menu details all of my applications including Photoshop are greyed out.

Can anyone advise please?

I am new to the Wacom tablet so please forgive me if there is an easy solution to this

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Re: Radial Menu

Postby wacom1 » Fri 13. Jan 2017, 09:56

The On Screen Controls Panel is for the definition of different types of on screen controls independant of an application. So you could setup 5 different radial menus. For using one of them you need to assign it to one of the buttons and that is application specific.

So. If you need a radial menu with specific settings for Photoshop, create a new radial menu, call it f.e 'Radialmenu PS', then go to the Expresskey or pen button that you want to use call the radial menu, then select application and assign 'Radialmenu PS' to that application specific button setting.

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