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One by Wacom Medium as a mouse (WinXP SP3 32-bit)

Posted: Sat 17. Nov 2018, 00:45
by RussianDeadman
Hello my dear western and eastern friends.
I have 5.3.5-3 driver for XP (year 2015 edition) and of course my old PC says "you gonna use your tablet as a mouse coz I dont see it as tablet - enjoy your stay". I can really use it as a mouse and its working but it looks like programs will not see it as a tablet and all this 1024-preasure-levels wasted. Here in Russia we dying ultra-mega-very-fast right now so I will probably die earlier than I will be able to get a better PC so I wanna ask you - will it be bad for my tablet if I will just draw some lines when I use it as a mouse with drivers for mouse and when my Windows see it as a gaddamned HID-mouse? I can draw but nobody needs an old fashioned pictures on a paper this days especially in russia - here in Russia currently most of the population eating each other and they dont need any pictures because they cant eat pictures. I got this divice for 5000+ rubles and I gonna take my chances.

Re: One by Wacom Medium as a mouse (WinXP SP3 32-bit)

Posted: Tue 20. Nov 2018, 11:34
by wacom5
The One By Wacom (CTL-472) is not supported in Windows XP. You will need Windows 7 or above as stated here:

The correct driver is the latest one available on the website: - Driver 6.3.31-4

If you have any questions or concerns I recommend you to contact our Support: