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Pen_tablet.exe prevents software to start

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Pen_tablet.exe prevents software to start

Postby SandroRiz » Mon 19. Nov 2018, 19:38

After the installation of the wacom drivers (6.3.31-4) a lot of programs won't start... they appear in the Task manager but nothing happens and they hangs frozen.
Programs that are not working are for example VideoLan VLC, Calibre, Amazon Kindle, Acronis True Image 2019; all in the 32bit version (if exists the 64bit version works ok).
Killing the "Tablet Service for consumer driver" process (pen_tablet.exe), these software start working again.

What does this process ? Because I kill it and it seems tablet and pen works ok.


Windows 10 x64 1803

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Re: Pen_tablet.exe prevents software to start

Postby wacom5 » Mon 26. Nov 2018, 14:43

This process manages the pen data coming from the tablet. If you kill it, it will restart automatically.
I have not heard of this process interfering with other software and I have not been able to replicate this. How are you starting this software? By clicking on a desktop shortcut? Have you tried navigating to the installation path and pressing enter in the .exe of each program?

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