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Intuos Mapping Issues

Posted: Sun 2. Dec 2018, 17:42
by lightningrei
All of a sudden on Friday my tablet started to all respond to my pen only on the exact left side of my tablet, and sometimes only the upper left part of my tablet. I've tried multiple times to fix it, O've removed the tablet preferences, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver as well as updated multiple times, and I've reset the mapping back to default which fixed it temporarily, then it went back to just being just the left side and its been on and off with functioning properly all day. Sometimes it will fix itself for about 2 minutes then go back to not fully working. The mapping is also both set to full for both the screen and tablet which is even more confusing.

I'm a bit at a loss, is this an internal issue or is there some way that I can fix it?

Re: Intuos Mapping Issues

Posted: Mon 3. Dec 2018, 09:43
by wacom5
From what you describe this is not a mapping issue but the tablet is simply not detecting the pen on the right area of the tablet. Looks as if you have a problem with the tablet pen sensor. Please contact support for further assistance: