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My Intuos Large Pro no longer works (white led blinking)

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Joined: Sun 15. Jan 2017, 19:00

My Intuos Large Pro no longer works (white led blinking)

Postby lethargic31 » Sun 15. Jan 2017, 19:07


While I was working with my Intuos Large Pro, it suddenly stopped working. Now, only a while led (upper left) is blinking when I turn the tablet on.
I tried several cables, connect to other USB port even other PC, remove and put the battery.... nothing has fixed my problem.

An idea?

thanks a lot


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Re: My Intuos Large Pro no longer works (white led blinking)

Postby Griebeek » Thu 19. Jan 2017, 08:29

If your tablet LED is blinking it is unable to make a stable connection to the pc, which is related to the hardware connection. Make sure you do not use any USB hubs but a direct connection in the pc. If this is the case and you did try the other cables, usb ports and computers you might have a defect in the tablet my friend.

p.s. you did remove the battery, try removing the entire wirelesskit from the tablet and connect it once more, maybe you can make a connection this time.

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