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Buggy tablet when using 4K monitor

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Buggy tablet when using 4K monitor

Postby Sankris » Mon 16. Jan 2017, 21:38

I recently bought a DELL 4K monitor.
I immidiately began having problems with my Intuos Pro M. In Photoshop, especially when I use the paint brush tool and sketch kinda loose with low pressure sensitivity, in a small, narrow area - the tablet gets buggy. Suddenly it looses all pressure sensitivity. Instead of thin, opaque lines i'll get completely black, fat lines and "blobs" .

I'm pretty sure this has something to do with my 4K monitor. But is it a photoshop issue or a wacom issue? Or my graphic card or PC?
I'm using the Adobe CS5 version.
Tablet driver: 6.3.15-1.
Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 670

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Re: Buggy tablet when using 4K monitor

Postby Griebeek » Wed 18. Jan 2017, 16:48

I'd highly recommend you to test the tablet on Photoshop CC, since CS5 isn't supported anymore it can cause conflicts with the driver etc. If it wouldn't be in CC you know where your issue is.

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Re: Buggy tablet when using 4K monitor

Postby Sankris » Sat 21. Jan 2017, 15:50

Thanks for the tip!
I've now updated to windows 10 + Installed CC. Tried my wacom in Photoshop, and seems like there's no problems. Yay.

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