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How to add my Wacom pen to Mac system preferences?

Posted: Sun 30. Dec 2018, 09:53
by LeenaMaria
This morning when I tried to use my Wacom pen, it did not respond. It shows the cursor moving on the screen, but does no other functions when using SketchBook Pro 6. I reinstalled the Wacom using the latest version for iOS. Went to system preferences, clicked on the Wacom tablet.
I see device: Intuous 4 XL, Tool: Functions, Application: All. But no pen. And the +-sign next to the tools is inactive.

How can I add my Wacom pen? It has been working well so far, and now suddenly overnight vanished. And I need to start an illustrating job...

Any help much appreciated.


Re: How to add my Wacom pen to Mac system preferences?

Posted: Wed 2. Jan 2019, 10:03
by wacom5
Can you please confirm your OS version and your driver version?
The pen should be recognised automatically when in proximity. If it was working previously, it should not disappear from the driver on it's own unless
you made a clean driver install. Did you remove the pen manually from the driver? What happens if you bring the eraser end of the pen in proximity of the tablet?
If there is an hardware issue, you should contact our support team: