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Intuos Comic w/ Clip Studio Pro: Touch Gestures

Posted: Sun 30. Dec 2018, 14:46
by psedinator
Hi Wacom Forum,

I've been fighting with this for quite some time and didn't come up with an solution yet, so I'll try here:

I purchased an "Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch S". Main buying argument for me was the touch support, supposedly allowing transition from painting with a Finger on an Android Tablet to a PC-based solution with a real pressure-sensitive tablett. I expected navigation to work like on the tablett: One finger for dragging the canvas, two finger pinch for rotate and zoom. Both WACOM drivers and Clip Studio Paint seem to support that natively.

When I finally set everything up (freshly installed Windows 10, latest Wacom Drivers 6.3.32-4, latest CSP 1.8.5), the tablett PEN worked fine (pressure-sensitive).

But Touch Gestures were an absolute catastrophe: The canvas barely reacted to pinching and moving, rotating worked only clockwise but not counterclockwise and more.

It took me a while to understand what was happening there: Touch gestures are not interpreted by CSP, but the Wacom driver instead, and sent as simulated "key strokes" or mouse wheel actions to CSP. This way, proper canvas movement is not possible, arguably. This is what Wacom calls "Standard Gestures" if I'm correct.

An inquiry to the Wacom support did result in installing various older driver versions, no change.

An inquiry to the CSP suppot did result in the answer "CSP does not fully support touch gestures". The same answer can be found in forums two years ago, it's just copy-n-paste.

So, maybe, another user ran into the same problem? After all, the tablet is featured as a "Pen & Toucht" tablet and sold as a bundle with Clip Studio Paint, so I can expect compatibility, can't I?

So the question is, how do I get CSP to properly react to Touch gestures?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Intuos Comic w/ Clip Studio Pro: Touch Gestures

Posted: Wed 2. Jan 2019, 09:58
by wacom5
The touch gestures are actually managed by the operating system, not the Wacom driver. Standard gestures are based on the OS, the tablet driver interface simple help you blocking certain gestures if you desire. The driver is not converting these commands into Keystrokes.
Depending on the application, touch gestures may or may not work.
As you see in the answer from Celsys (CSP developer) touch gestures are not fully supported by the software. This is regardless of you using a Wacom tablet or a regular laptop touch-pad. Support and recognition for these specific gestures need to be implemented by Celsys.
Very sorry but we cannot help with this.

Re: Intuos Comic w/ Clip Studio Pro: Touch Gestures

Posted: Wed 2. Jan 2019, 19:33
by psedinator
Thank your for your answer and the clarification of the technical background. I understand now that it is not Keystrokes that are sent to the application, but actual "gesture" events. Is that was "Standard Gestures" are about? The wacom driver detects movement of two fingers in a rotation-like pattern and then sends some kind of a 'rotate' event to the application"?

This can, in principle, never lead to an acceptable touch behaviour. The application needs the actual coordinates of both fingers to implement proper rotation/and or zoom (like here

So what applications DO support that kind of gestures with the Intuos? It this possible by talking to this API only (

Re: Intuos Comic w/ Clip Studio Pro: Touch Gestures

Posted: Wed 2. Jan 2019, 19:36
by psedinator
Also, from the Feel API docs:

How does the Wacom gesture engine work in relation to the API?

The Wacom Feelâ„¢ Multi-Touch API does not provide any gesture events. The gesture events generated by the driver are sent in the form of keystroke and mouse wheel events. The output of some gestures can be modified by the user via the Wacom Tablet Preference Pane. If the application registers for Consumer mode touch data then these events are not generated. If an application wishes to receive tablet driver gesture support as well as handle touch data input, it should register for Observer mode touch data.

Looks like keystrokes and mouse wheel events, after all.

Re: Intuos Comic w/ Clip Studio Pro: Touch Gestures

Posted: Thu 3. Jan 2019, 11:41
by wacom5
Bear in mind that this FAQ has not been updated for nearly 5 years. Windows 10 is not even mentioned in the FAQ as it was written before it's release.

The Wacom driver also uses WM_GESTURE events to using the API is not mandatory.

The bottom line is that touch support needs to be implemented by the application developer and they need to invest resources into this. The tools are available for every developer.

We do not have a list of apps that support touch but I know that Adobe, Corel and some others do support touch input gestures although not all gestures might be supported.