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Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet Issue

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Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet Issue

Postby Sonicheroesfan1 » Sun 6. Jan 2019, 23:59

Hello! This is my first time posting in this forum. I came across it when I was looking for solutions and, upon seeing it was active to this day, I decided to take a chance! ...because I have a friend that's in need of help. Here's the story:

Basically, my friend bought an Intuos Pro for his daughter a while ago. He told me he installed everything correctly, both hardware and software-wise. However, when they tried to actually use the Tablet, it just didn't work. After trying to make it work to no avail, he tried contacting Wacom's Tech Support, and it seems like they either told him to download the latest driver from the site, or, they told him to install the Tablet's software again. Either way, he did, but when trying to install it, it looks like the PC didn't let him because the software that came with the Tablet was, well, already installed in there. (If I could get answers for both cases, that'd be wonderful.)

My friend's not very knowledgeable about PCs, let alone about drawing tablet issues. I tried googling multiple solutions to this problem, but all I could find that was fitting were just about general responses, like "connect it in another USB port, restart your machine, update to the latest driver", so while I could just roll with that to help him and see what happens, I figured that by actually telling what happened to him personally on this forum, people would know more specifically what to do in this specific situation.

I would really appreciate if you guys could help me (or well, us), thanks in advance!

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Re: Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet Issue

Postby wacom5 » Mon 7. Jan 2019, 08:23

It would be a lot easier if your friend contacted us directly. From your description, the issue could be anything. There are a lot of questions to be answered.
  • What exactly doesn't work?
  • What is the exact tablet model?
  • Does the tablet LED turn ON when plugged in?
  • Which Operating System?
  • Which Wacom driver version?
  • Does he see and error message when opening the tablet settings?
We need more details in order to help. I would suggest him to start by looking here: https://support.wacom.com

Also, to clarify, the Intuos Pro does not come with any extra "tablet software". You have the driver to change the tablet settings. If the tablet came with extra drawing software then we are probably talking about a different model other than the Intuos Pro.

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Re: Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet Issue

Postby Sonicheroesfan1 » Tue 8. Jan 2019, 05:53

Hello again, I have contacted my friend again, and this time not only did I ask him to fact check details with me, but I also asked him those specific questions you listed. Doing so revealed me quite a lot of stuff that I feel might be really helpful. However, I couldn't really speak with him for too long since he was a bit busy, so he wasn't able to provide the full details, but we will meet tomorrow so I can help him more accurately. Here is the new information:

-The most important point: The tablet does turn on when plugging it, and it recognizes the pen. This means that the cursor in the PC moves when he hovers the pen over the tablet, as it should be. The issue here is actually that whenever he presses the pen against the tablet aka clicks or drags, nothing happens. This might change the whole troubleshooting process, so I apologize for not being so clear before, I lacked information.

-The second most important point, and I apologize immensely for the confusion: When asking him again, it turns out the tablet model he bought is actually Intuos Art tablet, not an Intuos Pro. He also said it seemed to be a medium sized one. This new info might probably change the situation a lot as well.

-Yes, he told me there was a light that turned on when plugging it, and since it does recognize the pen, I assume everything is fine in this regard.

-Windows 10. Did not specify which version. (Home, Proffesional, etc)

-He also didn't tell me which driver version, probably because he didn't really know how to check which one he has installed. But, he did confirm that what Tech Support helped him with was in deleting everything installed from the software, even the leftover files. Afterwards they told him to download the software again. I assume this means the latest driver etc. I will check with him tomorrow to see which driver version he has.

-He told me there weren't any error windows popping up when using the tablet, but he hasn't opened the settings yet. I will show him how to do it tomorrow as well.

And I will also direct him to that page, from what I've seen it seems to be very useful in finding specific issues.

Thanks for the quick answer, and I hope this helps clear out the situation a bit, but I know it's still not 100% clear. if you need more info, I'll be happy to help with providing it by asking my friend again tomorrow.

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Re: Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet Issue

Postby wacom5 » Tue 8. Jan 2019, 09:15

This information already helps a lot. Thanks.
On first analysis, it seems that the tablet hardware is working fine. If the LED lights up and the cursor is following the pen it's a good sign. The pen clicks not working could reveal an issue with the pen but that would require the driver to be tested and the diagnose tool to be used - Please check here.

It makes sense that the tablet is actually an Intuos Art. This tablet includes a software offer of Corel Painter Essentials 5 - this is a illustration software made by Corel. Did I understand correctly when you said this was already installed?

On a curious note, why didn't your friend continue talking to support about these issues? They should also be able to help. Were there any communication issues?

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