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My Tablet stopped working properly

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My Tablet stopped working properly

Postby DeejayF » Fri 18. Jan 2019, 20:53

So I was just playing some osu with my tablet. I was away for like 1 minute to wash my hands and when I came back my tablet didn't register my pen anymore I could move my cursor with my fingers just fine but when I try using my pen it's not working. I tried using another pen, that didn't work. Tried to reinstall drivers didn't work. Tried to install the newest driver version which made things even worse I wasn't able to move the cursor anymore at all. So I deinstalled the drivers yet again to install the older version again. I was able to move the cursor with my hands on my tablet again but not with the pen. Then I plugged of the USB cable from the tablet and plugged it back in and now I can't move the cursor anymore at all. In the whole process of all of this I restarted my computer roughly around 6 to 8 times. I use an Intous CTH 490. I tried everything I could possibly think of searched in every forum I could find and haven't found a single solution.

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Re: My Tablet stopped working properly

Postby wacom5 » Mon 21. Jan 2019, 08:19

Which operating system are you using?
When you install the driver and try open the Wacom Tablet Properties, do you have an error message? If yes, which one?
If not, please click on About and Diagnose and test the pen and the touch functions.

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