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Tablet ctl-472 Wobbly cursor/driver issues.

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Tablet ctl-472 Wobbly cursor/driver issues.

Postby lirosek » Mon 4. Feb 2019, 09:17

Straight to the point, i bought the tablet about 2 or 3 months ago. 3 days ago after i booted my Pc and noticed my cursor is acting weird.
It is wobbly/stuttery, all over the place.
I tried many types of fixes, even heard about the waves that interfere with tablet frequencies and plugged it to pc thats far away from all other electric devices.
Finally i found a post on Deviant.art about unninstalling/fresh install of older drivers with disabling tabletpenservices from task menager, unplugging my tablet and restarting pc. I tried it, didnt work. Then i simply disabled tabletpenservices and voila! my pen acted normal again.
The thing is, it happened again today.
Looks like closing down my PC triggered some kind of change that makes the cursor wobbly.
Disabling tabletpenservices doesnt work anymore.
I tried running tabled without any drivers and the pen acted normal (huh??). As soon as i install drivers it starts to freak out.
I would love to know what is the issue and what is a work around.
I simply cannot use the tablet with full area so im doomed without the drivers, which seem to make the cursor go nuts.
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Re: Tablet ctl-472

Postby wacom5 » Mon 4. Feb 2019, 10:44

Hi. Which Operating System are you using? Which driver version did you install last?
Have you tried a full clean driver install - https://www.wacom.com/en-de/support?guideTitle=How-do-I-uninstall-(manually)-and-re-install-the-Wacom-driver-on-Mac-OS-for-a-Pen-Tablet%2C-Pen-Display%2C-or-Pen-Computer%3F&guideId=92364887-7911-4c75-9b65-246b7be65e0b
Sounds like something in your computer is interfering with the driver. Did you install something in your computer right before the issue started?

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Re: Tablet ctl-472

Postby lirosek » Mon 4. Feb 2019, 12:31

Hey, im using Driver 6.3.32-4 for windows 10.
I dont seem to recall instaling anything other than some games.
I did full clean driver install couple of times already, and it did work once after i stopped TabletInputService in task manager.
Now it just launches again (service) by itself after i touch the tablet with the pen.

The issue started after the new update was released. Tried going back to previous updates but it didnt seem to work either.

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Re: Tablet ctl-472 Wobbly cursor/driver issues.

Postby lirosek » Mon 4. Feb 2019, 15:59

Also, i just installed custom made drivers made by Osu community member and they work flawlessly.
Im wondering if not better than original.
If random person on internet can deliver better working software than proffesional workers of Wacom, i wonder what does it say about you as a company?
You really need to step up your game.

If some moderator want to link the drivers to the IT branch for reasearch there is the link: https://github.com/hawku/TabletDriver

To anyone that have the same issues as i did, and is waiting for wacom's response, give the drivers a try. They work :)

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