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Wacom Bamboo: not connecting wirelessly, no pressure sensitivity

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Wacom Bamboo: not connecting wirelessly, no pressure sensitivity

Postby CynicalCat » Mon 4. Feb 2019, 16:43

So, I have a wacom bamboo (CTH-470)

A few days ago (for no reason i can gather anyway) the tablet disconnected from my PC. Since then i have tried reinstalling the driver 3 times, both the most up to date driver (6.3.32-4) and the current driver i had, which is what i ended up sticking with (6.3.31-4). I tried changing the ports which the USB that were connecting the tablet into my PC while the new drivers installed. Tried changing the port of the wireless USB (the USB so i can use the tablet wirelessly). Nothing seems to have worked.

The tablet turns on, despite the driver saying there is no tablet connected. I can touch the pen to the tablet, and the light changes (showing the touch is being registered), both when connected via USB or not connected via USB. However, only when i connect the tablet via USB (using my samsung phone charging cable) would the cursor move slightly (not fluidly, very disjointed and inefficient). I tried booting up paint tool sai to see if pressure could be pressed and a brush stroke drawn, nothing happened.

I'm not really sure what else to do?

I need the tablet for my uni work but can't seem to find any answers online.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Wacom Bamboo: not connecting wirelessly, no pressure sensitivity

Postby wacom5 » Tue 5. Feb 2019, 08:42

The CTH-470 is not supported under driver 6.3.xx. You need to install the correct driver.
However, before you do, please do a clean uninstall according to the steps here:

One you are done uninstalling and cleaning all the files, download and install driver 5.3.5-3 from https://www.wacom.com/en-de/support/product-support/drivers

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