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How to use ...

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How to use ...

Postby PaulHennecart » Wed 6. Feb 2019, 17:25

Hello, i'm french so i'm sorry for my bad english ^^. I want to ask you how to use my " one by wacom " upside down. Upside down = a 180° rotation. Thanks a lot !

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Re: How to use ...

Postby wacom5 » Thu 7. Feb 2019, 08:05

To change the orientation of the tablet, you need to change the code a bit. Please follow these steps:
  • Open the Wacom Desktop Center and make a backup of the settings, under the name OneByWacom.wacomprefs
  • Save it in your desktop
  • Open a text editing program like:
    • Windows PC: Notepad, Notepad++, jEdit or any other
    • Mac OSX: TextEdit, TextWrangler, Smultron, jEdit or any other
  • Go to File > Open > Select All Files (*.*)
  • Open your desktop and find the backup file - OneByWacom.wacomprefs - select it and click on Open.
  • Search for: 1 (you may need to search for just and find the correct one, as the text may be over 2 lines)
  • Change the number ‘1’ with ‘3’ and save the file.
  • Close the text editor
  • From the desktop, double click on the backup file to restore the settings.
  • If you did the steps correctly, your tablet should now have the desired orientation
Other orientations:

  • Setting to 1 will have the usb connector to the left (default).
  • Setting to 2 will do a 90 degrees orientation. USB connector to the bottom.
  • Setting to 3 will do a 180 degrees. USB to the right, in the past also known as lefthanded.
USB port position:
  • Setting 0 - North
  • Setting 1 - West
  • Setting 2 - South
  • Setting 3 - East
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