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Online Art Programs Not Working

Posted: Sat 16. Feb 2019, 05:07
by chanman
Strange topic, but I need help.
My tablet is a wacom bamboo fun.
Ever since i've bought it a year ago, it works on downloadable art programs fine... However I try to use online ones that require flash like Oekaki sites, group art chats and even on flash drawing games- it fails to work. It fails to click the flash programs unlike clicking with an actual mouse. The tablet is very limited to scrolling and clicking things on the internet.
What can I do to fix this? If you can help, please keep the explaining to as if you were speaking to a child. I am not the most tech savvy person out there.

Re: Online Art Programs Not Working

Posted: Mon 18. Feb 2019, 09:48
by wacom5
Which OS and which browser are you using? From what you describe, sounds like you are using Windows and Chrome.
If this is the case, then please disable Windows Ink from the Wacom Driver (check at the bottom of the Pen tab).
Chrome doesn't work well with Windows Ink.