NEW tablet driver 6.3.22-3 for OSX released. For release notes use the link below the driver on the download page. Problem mit modifiers on keyboard getting stuck was fixed.

Laste version for for Windows 6.3.21-10: Fixed several problems related to touch on display tablets. Last update for an issue with transferring paper sketches or sketching in Inkspace

Wacom, this is ridiculous, not acceptable.

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Re: Wacom, this is ridiculous, not acceptable.

Postby magicmelz » Tue 4. Apr 2017, 10:28

hi all,

I could only confirm the sufferings of my fellows in misery.

I try to run a wacom Intuos 4 under MAC OS Sierra 10.12.3 and I got the same issues like non working clicks, random items being highlighted as well as up to 50 windows opened casually e.g. in indesign while clicking elsewhere. the support from wacom works as well as their products - updates are timewasting while replacing one problem by another. one of these new drivers even managed my system to crash.

meanwhile Im really fed up with wacom and I try to roll back to mouse use to restore my workflow. but after working for over 10 years with wacom products its really a hard way to go. but I no longer believe in this company fixing their problems.


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Re: Wacom, this is ridiculous, not acceptable.

Postby hankxu008 » Wed 5. Apr 2017, 02:05

My Intuos Pen and Touch Medium also has not been working correctly on Sierra. Pen works fine but touch is simply unusable even after installing the newest 6.3.21-5 driver for Mac. It seriously lags and has no touch gestures...

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Re: Wacom, this is ridiculous, not acceptable.

Postby wacom1 » Wed 5. Apr 2017, 17:01

We are sorry if you have trouble with some functions under Sierra. We recommend to set the doubleclick speed slider for the OSX mouse fast or one step lower. Screen pointer data has to pass through the system mouse data handling - and unfortunately Apple is frequently changing this handling. When the team adjusts the driver for OSX 10.12.3, Apple updates to 10.12.4 with more mouse handling changes that affect tablets (and delays the next driver release).

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Re: Wacom, this is ridiculous, not acceptable.

Postby djeeks44 » Thu 13. Apr 2017, 15:09

It's not only a problem in Sierra. I updated the driver for my Intuos Pro S from 6.3.15 to 6.3.21 in El Capitan.
After that it was mostly impossible to enter the dock direct (must wait some seconds).
Photoshop actions gives after 5 seconds the actual preview. The MacBook Pro 15" (2015) is heating up by doing nothing.
Not possible to work. Uninstalled 6.3.21 and installed 6.3.15 again to work.
Indeed a shame Wacom! I did not replace my bamboo to get these problems (like the others)

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