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Pen pressure goes to maximum when CPU usage goes up

Posted: Wed 1. May 2019, 14:21
by IReimy
I think I discovered the problem that is happening with my brand new CTL-472. I've looked on many other forums to get this problem fixed, but none of those "fixes" work. It seems like the pen pressure jumps to maximum for 1 or 2 seconds when a process uses a good amount of CPU randomly. Everytime this problem occurred, I immediately looked at the Task Manager and it appeared like the Wallpaper Engine software I had running in the background would consume 20-30% of my CPU when the wallpapers changed automatically. Now I realized this problem maybe occurring not only because of Wallpaper Engine, but because of random CPU usage by any other program running on my computer. Can it somehow be fixed permanently?

- I'm using Paint Tool Sai;
- I updated the drivers yesterday;
- The pressure only goes back to normal when I stop drawing and press again;
- Not only the pressure goes to max, but it looks like the pen detection glitches a little like it's freezing or not responding correctly to my hand movement.

Re: Pen pressure goes to maximum when CPU usage goes up

Posted: Fri 3. May 2019, 14:39
by wacom4
Did you check the diagnose to rule out an issue with the hardware? ... Id=001-668

Then please check if this happens in other software...