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One by Wacom?

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One by Wacom?

Postby alex3003 » Sun 5. May 2019, 20:03

In short, I'm a 3D artist who used Wacom Intuos 4 for 5 years now and suddenly it has stopped! A very big project on the horizon and at the same time I can't afford another Intuos at the moment. So I looked into buying cheaper alternatives and found Wacom recently has introduced a new series called One by Wacom. In surface tech, it sounds exactly like Intuos 4 without the buttons/display on left. I was never used to using those buttons so, It doesn't affect me at all. However, I have noticed the 2048lpi resolution ratio is lower in the new series compared to 5000~lpi in Intuos 4. for the fact, I almost never used buttons on Intuos 4, Will I miss a lot if I moved to a 'One' for time being? or for I was very comfortable with Intuos 4, will I feel the same working on 'One'? Thanks for your time and opinions. Much appreciated.

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Re: One by Wacom?

Postby wacom3 » Thu 9. May 2019, 08:46

The One by Wacom is an entry-level tablet. Compared to the Intuos Pro 4 you have used before, you will notice a difference as it is not a Pro device.

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