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Issues with pen mapping (Win10)

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Issues with pen mapping (Win10)

Postby DearCustomer » Tue 7. Feb 2017, 23:46


I recently bought an Intuos Pen & Touch (Small). I like the product a lot, but unfortunately it is not without a few its flaws. I have a dual screen setup with my 14" laptop in a docking station and have 24" monitor in vertical position. To achieve similar pen response when changing between screens, I have to do pen mapping (as my screens are 1920x1080 and 1200x1920 px)
But my map settings are lost at a rapid rate (many times today), so I might as well keep Wacom Table Properties open so I quickly can click "Screen area: Portion... OK... " to reconfirm my settings. The settings are there, but I have to reconfirm them. I map the pen to 50% of the screen height, so it is very noticable for me when settings are reset to "full". (--> unwritable)

And I really wish there was a way to map the area to go outside the LEFT side of the screen! It is possible to map it to the right...I am currently doing that to achieve similar pen response on both screens. (Big screen: 1200 px horizontal, small screen: 1920 px horizontal). The big problem with this is... I am left handed... So now my hand falls off the tablet when drawing left on the screen, and I have just barely passed center of the tablet when I hit right border of the big screen (as I have increased screen area outside the actual area of my screen to calibrate sensitivity). This is a pity! When trying to input a value lower than -1200 on my 1200 px wide screen, the software gives me an error.
And it does not seem to be a solution to limit tablet area instead, as that setting is not screen specific? So if I create a left margin on my tablet area to suit my 1200 px wide screen, I will in the same operation foul the tablet setup for the other screen.

Lastly, there seems to be a problem with using Microsoft Ononote and Drawboard PDF. The pen loses window focus quite often and I have to physically control the mouse/touchpad on computer to move mouse cursor (not pen cursor) to the area I want to scroll using the pen. This happens many times daily and hampers productivity.

Hope to hear from you!

Best regards,

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