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Tablet only working on the left side of tablet- Intuos pen&touch medium

Posted: Mon 13. Feb 2017, 13:18
by sasjakoning

I have recently bought a new laptop(HP omen i5) and have tried to get my tablet to work.
the driver installed itself when I plugged the tablet in and it didnt seem to have any issues at first.
After a while of drawing my tablet started to bug.

My tablet DOES recognise my pen. The light goes on everytime I come near it. but on screen my curser wont move. only when I go all the way to the left of the tablet it will move on screen. then, as long as I keep the pen near my tablet, I can move anywhere.
my touch doesn't work at all.

this is really confusing to me and ive tried plenty of things to fix it.

I reinstalled the driver several times, old versions, new versions.
I've checked out my mapping and that seems to be fine too.
I've tried a different cable which didnt help either.
Pen pressure still works.

Yet my friend's tablet, an intuos pro, worked perfectly without even needing to install a different driver.

Anyone who could solve this?

(tablet: Intous pen&touch medium, model: CTH-680)