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Have to click twice to switch screen

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Re: Have to click twice to switch screen

Postby wacom5 » Mon 15. Jun 2020, 07:23

No solution yet. I didn't receive a reply and we don't expect to. We submit several feedback entries a day which get processed by another team.
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Re: Have to click twice to switch screen

Postby gat573 » Fri 12. Mar 2021, 06:27

I just purchased a Wacom Intuos pro paper edition. I had been using an XP Pen Deco pro. The XP-Pen was amazing for the price, but there were a few little annoyances such as frequently having to reset the tablet orientation in relation to the display (I'm left handed). While overall I'm happy with my choice, I was surprised that the display toggle has this annoying feature requiring a double click to move from display one to display two. The Deco pro switches from one to the other with just one click from either display. At first, I actually thought the button on the Intuous stylus wasn't registering half my clicks until I recognized the pattern (there isn't anything explaining that it is supposed to work this way on the display toggle tab). XP-Pen have this working the way it should so I know Wacom can do it. Please pass along another request to change this "not a bug" bug.

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