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Brush Lag Then Catchup?

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Brush Lag Then Catchup?

Postby Skullomania » Wed 15. Feb 2017, 16:39

Edit: I found the culprit. It wasn't Wacom, Nvidia, Adobe or Windows. It was Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro Version 3. I went back to 2 and everything works as it should again. In case anyone else is having the same issue.


Got a bit of an annoying issue I've never had before. When I use a brush or eraser it'll sometimes stop putting strokes down but the cursor still moves then after about 2 seconds it'll start working again and rapidly add in all the strokes I made during those 2 seconds.

Windows 7 x64
Gtx 780 ti
4770k Intel
16gb ram

So far I've...

Reinstalled Photoshop CC 2017.
Updated Wacom drivers (This happens with latest and previous but started out of nowhere with previous ones)
Updated Nvidia drivers (using DDU uninstaller)
Ran CCleaner (with enhancer)
Tried with sniffer.exe disabled and enabled since this was causing me issues before.
Turned off graphics acceleration in Photoshop settings.
Restarted my computer :P
Disabled mouse software
Disabled AV etc.
All MSConfig startup items apart from mouse and AV are disabled anyway.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and have a solution besides reinstalling Windows? It started happening out of the blue and the only things I've installed since are the drivers mentioned above to try to remedy it. No new hardware.


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