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One by Wacom Lightroom CC problem

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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One by Wacom Lightroom CC problem

Postby dottoreFell » Fri 17. Feb 2017, 12:11

I have bought One by Wacom tablet few days ago for Photoshop / Lightroom photo edition. I was hesitating between chinese tablets and this one and finally on tha Wacom, because I was thinking that this give me better compatibility, no problems, etc. Wrong...

Photoshop works fine, but in Lightroom, when I use Wacom pen with adjustment brush, it leaves a circles with full opacity at the start or end of the stroke (or both). I've read this is not only my problem, other people have the same issue with Bamboo and Intuos versions. I tested it on my Desktop Machine (Win 7, 64 bit, AMD CPU, Nvidia GPU). My Laptop has the same problem (to be honest it is even worse - pressure jumps from very low to full and back) - Win 10, 64 bit, Intel CPU, Intel GPU.

Adobe CC, up-to date versions on both machines.

Here is the picture (Win 7):


Anyone can help?

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Re: One by Wacom Lightroom CC problem

Postby wacom1 » Sun 19. Feb 2017, 12:35

Try to turn off the 'use Windows Ink' option in the driver and minimize doubleclick distance.

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Re: One by Wacom Lightroom CC problem

Postby dottoreFell » Sun 19. Feb 2017, 22:47

Thank You.
Double Click distance unfortunately didn't change anything on Win7. It looks exactly the same with minimum, average and maximum distance. I will try Win10 tommorow (with use Windows Ink turned off) and let You know how it works. I can only turn off Windows Ink in system options, because my tablet doesn't have possibility to disable Windows Ink use in drivers.

But... can it be true, that some One by Wacom, Bamboo tablets work ok with Lightroom? Maybe this specific piece is faulty in some strange way, that makes it unusable with LR but ok with PS, gimp and other programs?

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