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Intuos Pro M — Bluetooth lag makes it unusable

Posted: Tue 14. May 2019, 11:52
by mikejay
I've just received Intuos Pro M PTH-660, to replace previous model I had. I was really hoping that I could get rid of cables and dongles thanks to bluetooth connectivity, but it turns out It's not an option.

First of all bluetooth connection is unstable — sometimes lag is ridiculously huge, than after restarting computer it works acceptably. But even at it's best there is a slight difference to wired mode.Maybe few milliseconds, but still. But then I start to Pan/Scroll browser window holding one of the buttons on Pro Pen and lag becomes a joke. Sad joke. It is incremental the longer I'm holding the button and scroll. When I release it it comes back to it's "normal" bluetooth state.

I'm working on latest iMac 27" with i9, 40GB RAM and even disabled bluetooth mouse, so there is only tablet and keyboard connected and it still sucks.

I've tried reinstalling drivers and nothing helps. Actually it was even worse after reinstallation.

PLEASE, do something about it, I would really like to keep all those cables off my desk.

Re: Intuos Pro M — Bluetooth lag makes it unusable

Posted: Wed 15. May 2019, 09:23
by wacom5