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Intuous Art Small

Posted: Mon 1. Jul 2019, 13:12
by bubbawny
I have had this unit for about two years. I never really used it b/c the pen acts crazy (the pressure sensitivity).

Is there a replacement or ****BETTER**** digital pen I can get for this?

I'm not looking for more pressure levels as much as a pen with a nib that is consistent in it's pressure. (the one I have JUMPS in pressure. You start off soft, then BAMB ALL ON. I think it's broken).

But the pen is also so tiny in width that it is hard for me to grip.

Better pen. Is there a version for sale in the Wacom Store that will be better than the one I have but compatible?

Re: Intuous Art Small

Posted: Mon 1. Jul 2019, 15:19
by wacom5

There is only one pen model compatible with your tablet - the LP190.
If you suspect your pen is defective then I advise you to contact our support and see if it should be replaced -