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Bowed/Curved surface on Intuos Pro 2017 Model

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Joined: Wed 10. Jul 2019, 00:07

Bowed/Curved surface on Intuos Pro 2017 Model

Postby Darkhawke » Wed 10. Jul 2019, 00:16

Picked up the new Wacom Intuos Pro Medium (2017 PH660) last night and I really love it so far. Slick, clean surface and a ton of fun to draw on. The surface is a little rougher than the last one I had but i'll manage. Only concern I had, however, was I realized after a short while that the actual drawing surface is lightly Bowed/curved from the center outwards. I just wanted to confirm that this was a design feature, and not a defect with my tablet. Please let me know

Thank you and take care!

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Re: Bowed/Curved surface on Intuos Pro 2017 Model

Postby Renxus78 » Sun 14. Mar 2021, 15:12

Hi. I also own an Intuos Pro M (2017 PH660) and have noticed the same curvature. Holding it steady for an abundant year I feared it was a beginning of swelling of the battery, but then seeing that the curvature is very slight and centered on the surface of the tablet I deduce it is done like this. However, I too am looking for confirmation!

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