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Help, my Bamboo tablet has problems

Intuos, Intuos Pro, Bamboo, Graphire, etc.
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Help, my Bamboo tablet has problems

Postby phyllocactus » Wed 8. Mar 2017, 09:23

It has lasted for months. I'm using Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Small [CTL-470] with Paint Tool SAI. The issue is that when I move the stylus pen above the tablet, the mouse moves along with it as usual; but when I tough it and try to draw a line, it barely work even though the mouse is still moving with it. The lines are disjointed and sometimes I have to press it really, really hard to make the line appear. Recently it's hardly work!! It's like the sensitivity has lost, really frustrating.
I tried everything I could - re-plugging the tablet, updating the driver, replacing stylus tip (though I've just replaced it recently) and nothing works. I'm mad, can anyone help me? Thank you.

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Re: Help, my Bamboo tablet has problems

Postby wacom1 » Thu 9. Mar 2017, 07:41

You are using driver version 5.3.6 ? In this case open tablet properties, press Ctrl and click on the About/Info button. That should open the driver diagnostics. Bring the pen in proximity and look at the right column: you should see, if some portion of the tablet is faulty, and if pen pressure is correctly detected. If that looks ok, we can exclude a hardware problem with the tablet. You should then reset the driver (by removing tablet settings with the tablet utility), turn off 'use Windows Ink' and test again in SAI and other programs.

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