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Artifacts at the end of a stroke

Posted: Fri 26. Jul 2019, 20:02
by heckuva
Whenever I'm doing a quick stroke I keep getting this extra lines at the end in Photoshop. It's less noticeable when smoothing is disabled but making the drawing hard nonetheless. Another example is from Animate. And third is from Wacom preferences itself
I have Windows 10 machine and in which Windows Ink is disabled.
Can you please hint me a possible solution, this bug is driving me crazy!

Re: Artifacts at the end of a stroke

Posted: Mon 29. Jul 2019, 07:35
by wacom5
Have you tried changing the Tip Feel settings in the Wacom Driver? Everyone's drawing technique is different so you may need to customise this a little bit. If that doesn't work, please check the eraser end of the pen. Does it react the same way?
If it doesn't, then there might be an issue with the pressure sensor of the pen. Contact our support if that is the case -