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Pen losing connection / cutting out again randomly

Posted: Fri 26. Jul 2019, 22:31
by slorgim
Hello again!

A few months ago, back in March, I posted here with a very similar issue:
This was a gif of what was going on last time: ... 060307.mp4

Last time the issue seemed to be the windows ink was enabled, so I disabled it and everything's been great. Two days ago everything went wacky- as in, now my pen is losing connection again like before, except it's not predictable and just happens seemingly randomly. I've tried making several gifs of it in action, but it's not easy. Sometimes it does this, then another second later it acts fine. I'll be sketching and things are perfect, and for no reason a second later it starts cutting out and I have to stop, since the lines are ruined for the drawing. Back in March it was irritating, but it now seems debilitating.

Here's a gif: ... 2ba18a.mp4

And here's another one showing how it can be acting normal, then randomly act up. ... f646c7.mp4

You can see windows ink is disabled: ... c94ab3.png

What do you think is going on this time? Is it related to windows ink? My specs from last time are the same mostly:

Windows 10 home 1803
64 bit

Intuos Pro M 2017
pth 660
Driver: 6.3.35-3

Photoshop CS6

I've rebooted a ton of times, reset my settings, installed the newest driver, and I've tried lots of things in photoshop itself, like seeing if it's related to my pen settings (which it doesn't appear to be.
I know CS6 isn't supported anymore- is that the issue, or is the issue related to that? Is the issue the same as last time and I'm missing something? What should I do?

Edit: I've also completely uninstalled and reinstalled the wacom drivers following their manual steps online, searching through all the folders and deleting things, etc. I've used the current drivers and the one from May and the results are the same. On one install I used my old settings from March, and on the other I didn't restore any settings and just tried to draw. Initially, on the attempt where I didn't restore my old pen settings, it looked fixed. I tried over and over to get the problem to happen and it didn't. But as I was working on my project, it all came back again.

I'm not sure what else to do now besides to factory reset my computer, but I'm not sure what that would do.

Re: Pen losing connection / cutting out again randomly

Posted: Sun 29. Sep 2019, 02:59
by KunaDrakherst
my tablets been doing the exact same thing !